Hardwood Flooring

The one and only flooring that says my project or home as value! Hardwood flooring is viewed as being the must have flooring in any project these days. The sense of ownership and pride all start from the hardwood flooring.

With over 50 grains of hardwood the team at City Carpets specializes in finding the correct grain of hardwood flooring that best suits your home or project. We understand that the climate in Calgary and the surrounding areas can be very harmful to your new hardwood, so we like to educate our clients with the best techniques and practices to help preserve their new investment. By doing so our clients are able to enjoy their beautiful hardwood flooring for years and years to come.

Great hardwood flooring starts from first selecting the right hardwood flooring along with any vents or trim that may be required. Secondly, the manner that your hardwood flooring is handled prior to it being delivered and installed in very important. City Carpets makes it a point that your hardwood flooring is properly climateized before and after installation because if its not then we haven’t served our customer correctly. Using qualified and experience hardwood installers to do your job correctly and making sure that only the best adhesives and installation materials are used to complete the job.

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