Home Builders

Home builders choose City Carpets because we have the best prices in town. Gives us an opportunity to quote your job and determine for yourself. Along with having the best prices in Calgary we have experience, timely and professional staff and that’s what makes us good at what we do. City Carpets will go out of its way to make sure our builders are always satisfied with the work we provide. Our family of home builders has told us we take care of their clients as if they were our very own. Offering new home buyers the largest selection of flooring from;

  1. Carpeting
  2. Stone and Tile
  3. Solid and engineered hardwood
  4. Laminate flooring
  5. Vinyl flooring

Through each setup we guarantee your clients will be satisfied from the selecting of the flooring all the way to the installation and completion. City Carpets showroom and warehouse are designed to create the most enjoyable flooring experience for any homebuyer. We work closely with our suppliers to provide the most current products on our showroom floor. City Carpets takes its’ scheduling very serious as we should to make sure we do not bottle neck a buyers home position. We keep our builders and their clients up to date on all aspects of their flooring.

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