Residential Laminate

City Carpets carries the largest selections of laminate flooring in Calgary. Laminate flooring is a cost effective flooring solution that offers fantastic finishes while being the most durable in any space or area. If it’s an area of heavy traffic or where spills and stains will take place, laminate flooring will provide an easy clean and amazing look at the same time. City Carpets offers many selections from thickness to width of the individual planks to create a place for relaxation or a tenant improvement. Laminate flooring and tenants go together like peanut butter and jelly, no more cleaning carpet that wasn’t taken care of. Now if you wanted you could rent your property to pet owners and not have to worry about scratches or chips. As a guarantee at City Carpets we make sure that the underpad that’s installed below your laminate flooring is equally as important and looked after as the flooring itself. City Carpets make sure that our clients understand which underpad thickness is best suited for their laminate flooring and space.

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