Luxury Vinyl


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl is a long-lasting and waterproof flooring that you can use in place of hardwood, tiling, or stonework without having to pay a higher price. Luxury vinyl which can also be referred to as LVT/LVP is made with multiple layers which helps with durability, longevity, water resistance, and comfort. Luxury vinyl is often used to mimic hardwood, planks, tiles, and sheets so that you may have an intricate shape/design anywhere in your household. For more information in regards to what luxury vinyl is and/or to shop a huge selection of options make sure you visit us at City Carpets & Flooring today!


Luxury vinyl is waterproof, which makes it ideal for any room in the house including kitchens, bathrooms, front doorways, or any other high traffic wet areas. Due to the multiple layering water does not rot or curl away at luxury vinyl so it is more resistant to withstand water, humidity, foot traffic, and scratches.


Want the look and appeal of more expensive flooring like hardwood or tiling without having to break open your piggy bank? City Carpets has the solution for you, with luxury vinyl not only will you have a durable and long-lasting flooring finish you can have the beautiful look as well!

Warmth & Comfort

At the end of a long day at work, you want your home to feel like a home, with the warmth and comfort that comes with luxury vinyl it will feel that way. Multiple layers allow for the flooring to conform to your steps and prevent the cold from reaching the surface.