Mosaic Tile


Why Choose a Mosaic Tile?

Mosaic tiling is a mesh sheet behind an assortment of different tiles consistent with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Typically set as an intricate pattern repeating throughout the whole layout and made from ceramic, glass, stone, and sometimes even metal. Mosaic tiling a perfect add-on for your kitchen’s backsplash to bring the modern look and appeal. You can also bring that same look to your shower walls, bathroom floors and to even accent the home such as around the fireplace.

Enlarge the room

Having a backsplash of mosaic tiling can make your kitchen appear larger due to the brightness. Depending on the color you choose you can create a glass-like effect and reflect sunlight, making the backsplash brighter and the room appears larger. This is an amazing trick for homeowners who are short on space!


Mosaic tiles are more resistant to staining and side effects from chemicals or the formation of mold. This makes them perfect for areas where it is very damp or humid. Most of the maintenance you need for mosaic tiles is just a simple wipe down with a soft cloth to remove dust build-up.


Most likely the biggest benefit of using mosaic tiling is the stunning beauty it brings to a room whether it be on the walls or the flooring. Mosaic tiles can be placed in a simple repeating pattern or also contain interesting designs that bring life to your flooring.

Mosaic tiles are more commonly used as backsplashes, countertops, and walls but can be used as flooring as well. With so many different uses for mosaic tiling, you will end up installing them in one or more places in your new home build. Come shop our wide selection of mosaic tiling at City Carpets & Flooring and bring a new sense of luxury into your home.