Residential Carpet


Why Choose Carpet?

There are areas of your home that receive more foot traffic than others such as your living room and staircases. Luckily most carpet today is made specifically for high traffic areas which means that they are slip-resistant and can also hold their shape over the years. It is a popular opinion that carpet is rising once again in popularity due to its improvement over previous iterations such as more stain resistance and being tightly woven together for little to no loose strands. Nothing beats the comfort of soft carpet and at City Carpets you have a wide variety of different designs and colors to choose from!

Budget Friendly

Whether you need new flooring, flipping a home, or developing something new and you on a budget, then the carpet is your best friend. Carpet is much cheaper to install than hardwood and with proper maintenance can last for a long time!


Hate that annoying pitter-patter you hear whenever is someone going downstairs for a midnight snack? Carpets almost soundproof your footsteps so you can have some peace of mind not having to hear constant footsteps or the loud bang when something falls on the floor.


Nothing is more comfortable than a nice layer of the carpet underneath your feet during the winters.

Carpet is one of the most commonly used flooring and with good reason, with its wide selection of options, comfort, safety, and quietness. Carpet can improve your life in multiple other ways as well and if you want to make a home feel like a home with all the comforts of one then City Carpets & Flooring is the place for you!


Looking for a quick, easy and affordable way to install new flooring? Grab some glue, peel and lock those carpet tiles down and you’re ready to go! It’s that easy! Carpet tiles are versatile and are a great flooring solution for homes, businesses and the outdoors.

Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are easy to install and do not require many tools, especially if the adhesive is included.

Carpet tiles have a variety of different patterns, textures, colors and designs which allows for a lot of personalization.

If you change your mind or the carpet tile gets damaged, replacing it is a breeze.

Unlike broadloom carpet, which is sold in rolls, carpet tiles can be bought in smaller pieces that are just the right size for your project. No need to waste or keep additional carpet that will never be used.

In terms of the material, carpet tiles come in various fibres such as nylon (most popular), polyester, and polypropylene. Each fiber has its own benefits so you can choose your material depending on what the intent of installation is and how durable it needs to be. Carpet tiles are a great flooring solution if you are on a budget and don’t want to sacrifice on quality!

We have a few different carpet backings available to keep the tile and flooring together, including: PVC, rubber, plastic (PVC-Free),polyurethane cushion, foam, bitumen, and polypropylene.

If you are looking for any particular designs like geometric, berber, or solid color, we at City Carpets and Flooring can find you the perfect match and that too at great prices! Our full service team can also assist in installation and consulting to make sure your dream becomes a reality.